Screencast #7 – Let us present: upKeeper 4.7, the release notes

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by Peter Johansson23rd Jun, 2020

Here comes the best upKeeper version yet: upKeeper 4.7. This release is crammed with new functions and fixes and we are super excited to hear what you guys think.

It feels great to release this new version of upKeeper! And as always a big shout-out to you beta testers, our dev team and all of our customers who give us valuable feedback.

Here are some of the release notes. The full list can be found at the Support Web.

Application installation condition: Now you can specify a precondition that has to be meet for the installation to proceed. The precondition is specified as a WMI query.

Application rollout performance: you can set a random offset on applications. When an application with random offset is added to a group of computers, the computers will get individual installation times for that specific application. 

More efficient and secure administration with tabs: When you like to be able to switch between organizations or compare different settings in different organizations you can, in this version, open your organizations in different tabs.

Stop all client communication: We’ve added a function in the configuration tab where you can stop all communication to the clients; maybe you have distributed wrong application or something else, and you need an immediate pause – this is the function you need.

Other fixes

  • Security improvements (for instance extra origin control in API)
  • Search for serial number in device view or API
  • Support for ssl over ldap in integration with microsoft AD
  • See device manufacturer and model in SOS
  • Use username and password instead of passphrase to join new deices

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