Easier management and increased security for users and devices

A leading Nordic player in solutions for security and management of client computers and servers

Created for IT service providers and organizations with their own IT function. Since 2008, we have been delivering systems for client management and also specific solutions in guaranteed recovery, admin rights management and energy saving for computers.

We give users more freedom and increased productivity while you retain control and get the ability to quickly recover from an attack. More than 100,000 clients are currently managed by our solutions.

Our services


Manage all clients and servers in the organization


Instant Privilliged Access
Grant admin rights only when needed

Does it sound interesting? We are happy to tell you more and show you how our services can help you and your organization.

Customer and partner cases

Mikael Jenerberg, CIO – Ekonomipartner Mitt-Nord

”With an ROI of 6 months, we have saved both time and money with upKeeper Manager. Now customer management is much more efficient!”

Ekonomipartner Mitt-Nord decided to invest in its own new Microsoft-based Active Directory. For customer management, they chose upKeeper Manager. This proved to be a profitable investment.

Tomas Fröjdö, Systems Specialist – Canorama Oy

”We have a customer in Finland who distributes 2,500 units. It works great and I can highly recommend all MSPs to sell upKeeper.”

The Finnish service provider Canorama Oy, with offices all over Finland, is one of upKeeper’s valuable partners. Find out how they got in touch with upKeeper and why they recommend it to their clients.

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Check out our video guides

Get a complete introduction to IPA (Instant Privilege Access) in just 30 minutes

We talk about local admin, its ”to be or not to be” and the different pros and cons of both sides. Then we tell you what IPA does and the strength of having such a solution in place. Finally, we finish with a live demo of the service to show how everything works in practice.

Quick tour of Manager in under 4 minutes

This is a short introduction to Manager that shows how fast and easy deployment management can be. We dive into the environment with some concrete scenarios and shows how to deal with it those with the help of Manager.

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Get to know IR (Instant Recovery) and how to use it in under 40 minutes

Get an overview of the current state of cyber security and what
happens during and after an attack. Do you know how to act and
recover? We tell you how IR works and what value it gives to being
properly prepared.

Upcoming events

A whole afternoon with exciting lectures and presentations

A warm welcome to upKeeper Spark 2023! Hang in there and get the latest in security from some real heavyweights in the industry and experience the
possibilities our services open up for you!

International company. From Umeå.

Since 2008, we at upKeeper have delivered systems that give users more freedom and increased productivity. At the same time, we help you maintain control and gain the ability to quickly recover from an attack. More than 100,000 clients are currently managed by our solutions.