upKeeper IPA - Instant Privilege Access

Give your users freedom -
maintain control and security

"I have multiple customers who have decreased the number of tickets to their service desk by a whopping 75% by getting rid om end-user admin rights."

Sami Laiho, windows OS & Security Expert, Senior Technical Fellow

That humans are the greatest IT security risk is an established truth. A user who wants to make changes to their computer needs admin rights, but extended rights increase the risk of mistakes, intrusions, malware and other security problems.

Best practice, from a security perspective, says that a user should have as few rights as possible at any given time. But without flexibility, user productivity is hampered and the burden on the IT department increases.

Many organizations have solved it by allowing all, or far too many, users to have admin rights, which opens up malicious programs and other vulnerabilities. Others completely lock down all client computers, which degrades the user experience and burdens IT support with routine tasks.

upKeeper Instant Privilege Access allows an organization to grant selected users or groups of users via their computers predetermined elevated rights with full control and traceability. The solution is easy to implement and requires no changes to processes or policies.

The user can make their permitted changes and the IT department maintains control and traceability. Quick and easy.

Does this sound interesting? We are happy to tell you more and show you how upKeeper can help you and your organization!

Fast, controlled and traceable

Allowed changes and actions are determined by the organization in advance and then activated by the user themself, who receives increased rights immediately.

Policies can be set per computer or on groups of computers and their users, which simplifies wider use.

The IT department does not need to be involved when the user wants to use their rights.

+ Flexibility for the user

+ Shorter time to make a change

+ Easier implementation throughout the organization

Works anywhere, anytime

upKeeper IPA works even when there is no internet connection.

Troubleshooting or changes can be made even if the error causes the internet connection to not work.

+ Reduces time to resolution of problems

+ The user can make changes regardless of connection or location

+ Better possibility for troubleshooting even without internet

More affordable and easier to use

With specialized and carefully selected functions, you get an optimized and cost-effective solution.

upKeeper IPA is easier for both IT support and users and enables a lower license cost for use throughout the organization.

+ Easy to understand – faster to get started

+ Cheaper implementation throughout the organization

+ Higher security and productivity at a lower cost

When is Instant Privilege Access needed?

upKeeper IPA is needed when an organization wants to allow a user to make changes to their computer themselves, but at the same time have the control and security that a ”locked system” provides.

A change can, for example, be to install an application that is not in the standard catalog from IT or when the user wants to make a system change such as changing the time zone or the like. It can also be troubleshooting a problem when IT support does not have access to the computer.

The change goes much faster while minimizing the risk of mistakes and security problems.

With upKeeper Instant Privilege Access, users are given the opportunity to easily request elevated rights according to a predefined set of rules that work regardless of where the user is and regardless of connection or not.

When you as a user have been given elevated rights, you can carry out approved tasks, for example installing an application.

Once the task has been completed, the rights are revoked and the user cannot therefore carry out more changes with elevated rights. Everything that the user does with elevated rights will be logged so that you can follow them directly or analyze them afterwards.

Below is an overview flow of how a user can gain increased rights and implement changes using upKeeper IPA.

Do you want to learn more about
Instant Privilege Access?

We recently produced a guide that provides a good overview to start
familiarizing yourself with the subject. It also contains several more technical
parts that help create an understanding of how the system works!