Give your computer-users freedom - maintain control and security

upKeeper IPA - Instant Privilege Access

That man constitutes the largest IT security risk is an established truth. A user who wants to make changes to their computer needs admin rights, but extended rights increase the risk of mistakes, intrusions, malware and other security problems.

Many organizations choose to accept this risk to maintain user flexibility. Others lock down the computer and require that the IT-department is also involved in simple changes with longer lead times and increased workload as a result. Either way, it’s not optimal.

upKeeper Instant Privilege Access (IPA) gives ordinary computer users elevated rights in controlled ways, both when it comes to what the user can do and for how long, without the need for IT support to be involved every time.

The user can make their permitted changes and the IT department maintains control and traceability. Quick and easy.

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Fast, controlled and traceable

Permitted changes and actions are determined by the organization in advance and then activated by the user themself who receives them immediately. Policies can be set by individual or group which simplifies a broader roll-out.

IT support does not need to be involved when the user needs increased admin rights.

  • Reduced workload for IT support
  • Shorter time for the user to make a change
  • Easier implementation throughout the organization
  • The user gets faster changes and more flexibility
Works anywhere, anytime - even without a network

The user still has the functionality even when there is no internet connection. Troubleshooting (together with support) can be done even if the error causes the internet connection to not work.

  • Better possibility for troubleshooting even without internet
  • Reduces time to solve problems
  • The user can make changes regardless of location or connection.
More affordable and easier to use

With specialized and carefully selected functions, you get an easy to use and cost-effective solution.

upKeeper IPA is easy to use for both IT support and the end-user, and enables a lower license cost and use throughout the organization.

  •  Easy to understand and to get started
  • Fewer calls to IT support for changes that the user can do themself
  • Cheaper implementation throughout the organization
  • Higher safety and productivity at a lower cost.

When is upKeeper IPA needed?

IPA is needed when users themself wants to be able to make changes to their computer that would otherwise have required help from IT support.

For example. when the user wants to install an application that is not in the standard catalog from IT or when the user wants to make a system change such as changing the time zone or the like. Another scenario would be to troubleshoot when IT support cannot access the computer.

The whole process is much faster, while the risk of mistakes and security breaches is minimized.

How does upKeeper IPA work?

upKeeper Instant Privilege Access (IPA) is a feature that gives ordinary computer users elevated rights in controlled ways, both when it comes to what they can do and for how long. This is defined in advance by e.g. the IT-department for an individual or a group.

In privileged mode, the user must actively start what they want to do, confirm this by logging in with their own credentials and receives relevant admin-rights. Everything that happens with elevated rights is monitored and logged, which makes all changes secure and traceable.

Since policies have been defined in advance and all activity is local, the function can be used without connection to a local network or internet.

Below is an overview of how a use can receive admin-rights and carry out changes to the computer with the help of upKeeper IPA.

  1. The user requests admin-rights through upKeeper IPA.
  2. IPA grants the user requested rights as per the predefined policy.
  3. The users perform the changes and tasks, which are all logged by IPA.
  4. The admin-right expires after a predefined time or number of actions.
  5. Admin-rights are removed.