upKeeper 4.9 – Remote Management and Reliability History

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by Peter Johansson16th Jun, 2021

Today we are happy to announce that upKeeper 4.9 is ready for shipping. upKeeper 4.9’s main features includes the integration with UltraVNC and the highly anticipated Reliability History-function.

upKeeper 4.9, demonstrated in the video above, has some really neat features focusing on remote management. Firstly we’ve integrated with UltraVNC so that remote access flows very easy (it’s demonstrated in the video). We believe this is a very good way to help the users.

Next, we’ve added a reliability history as a new tab in the Computer Inventory, a really nice feature for a quick visual of the performance (of course with details and dates of specific events). And the same visual representation can also be found in My upKeeper, on the computer side.

Check it out!