upKeeper 4.8 – The MSP journey has begun

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by Peter Johansson04th Dec, 2020

Good news – version 4.8 is now officially released! This version is highly aimed for MSP’s making their life easier.

We are now releasing upKeeper 4.8 – a great update with lot’s of new stuff. The main mission for this release was to implement features that address the use of upKeeper for MSPs such as white labelling and a more versatile use of company administrators. But as always we’ve done some performance updates and fixes.

The main areas for this update are:

  • Built for MSP’s
  • Easier onboarding
  • Faster deployment
  • Effective management

If you’d rather process updates, bugfixes and performance enhancements in textt, you’ll find the release notes here.

“This is an update that we’ve been looking forward to for a while now. The functions that aims towards MSP’S are highly sought after and something we’ve really been eager to release.”

Peter Johansson, upKeeper

Peter Johansson upKeeper