upKeeper news: Tempeludden has acquired all shares in upKeeper Solutions AB

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by Team upKeeper23rd Jun, 2020

upKeeper news: Tempeludden acquires all shares in upKeeper Solutions. The new majority owner is greatly experienced in developing software companies, and will contribute with their know-how and network which further strengthens upKeeper Solutions’ growth and position within their niche in the market.
– We are very pleased to have Tempeludden as the new majority owner, says Peter Johansson, CEO at upKeeper Solutions AB.

upKeeper Solutions AB develops and sells upKeeper®, a product within Desktop Management. With upKeeper®, all operating system and software management on the computer is automated, focusing on simplicity, efficiency and dynamics.
The product is sold through resellers within the IT-industry and focussing on Sweden and Finland. The company has four employees and annual sales of SEK 12.3 million.

Potential to grow further

– upKeeper is a well-managed and professional company that has developed steadily for a long time. We also see significant growth potential through increased investments. In the future, we will be even better at helping MSPs streamline their operations with upKeeper’s unique solutions. We at Tempeludden look forward to to implement these initiatives together with the management and employees of upKeeper. ” says new chairman Johan Hazelius from Tempeludden.

Peter Johansson upKeeper

upKeeper news: Tempeludden acquires all shares. Peter Johansson remains both as CEO and also as a significant co-owner.


– We are very pleased to have Tempeludden as the new majority owner. This increases our financial strength – and another benefit is being part of Tempeluden’s extensive network of expertise in the development and growth of niche software companies. At the same time we will have a long-term owner who shares our vision for the company,  says Peter Johansson, who remains both as CEO and also as a significant co-owner.

About Tempeludden

Tempeludden AB are investors who are passionate about developing small software companies and making good companies better. The companies Tempeludden works with are digitizing their customers and Tempeludden helps them succeed. Tempeludden only invests in profitable Swedish software companies with a turnover of SEK 5 – 30 million who develop niched solutions. Their focus is on truly understanding and cooperating with the companies in the long term.