The Perfect Test Environment for Managing Clients

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by Peter Johansson03rd Mar, 2021

No one who has been working with software and hardware would argue that a test environment is not that important. No, it’s really mega important. But having a long-term and sustainable way of managing the lab environment is not always that easy.

OK, this might sound a bit cocky, but being in the software industry, close to Microsoft et al, for decades now, I’d say we’ve seen it all. From test environments replicating just about everything in production, to…well, the other side of it. 🙂

Test environments for software and hardware related testing is crucial. But how should you manage it?

In a couple of articles on our support-web I’ve shared some ideas. It’s not the total guide of test environments, but it’s a relevant take on how to manage a test environment for upKeeper.

The core of this setup is the Windows Hyper-V Server 2019 which runs on a Intel NUC. Yes, you read that right. The some what downscaled setup with a tiny Intel NUC is IMO the perfect framework.

In the articles I’ll walk  you through why I’ve chosen this setup and step-by-step setup instructions.

Let me know what you think about it.

The Perfect Test Environment

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