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by Team upKeeper27th Nov, 2018

Today, we start out on a new venture as we release the first of a series of screencasts detailing what upKeeper can do for you. We want to use this as a new way of communicating and hope you will join us on this journey. Watch the first video below.

How to manage all your devices from one place

With upKeeper, you have one interface to manage all your devices; computers, tablets and phones. The benefits of having one place and one view are huge. In this video we’ll show you how it works.

So why have all your devices in one place?

You love structure and getting a fast and simple overview over all your devices and stats like these:

  • Activity status
  • Hardware model
  • Software version
  • Phone number and carrier (where applicable)
  • … and even the battery level!

You can also create reports so you always know when it’s time to upgrade/update.

Safety first: you only need one login to see all devices within your organization.

For more information watch our screencast above and let us know if you have any questions and/or ideas for future episodes!

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