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Now you have the opportunity to test drive upKeeper without restrictions for 30 days. No credit card, no obligations. Only our premium features for you to evaluate.

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We call it Smart Client Management.

Fast. Easy. Effective.

upKeeper management

One or 1000 devices
- managed in the blink of an eye.

Installing a new security patch, or an entire program suite for one, ten or 1 000 devices? With upKeeper, it’s fast, easy and effective. We’re talking minutes!

Schedule your tasks to be completed overnight or during weekends, with automated routines that do all the work for you.

Any type of device.

Computers, phones, and tablets are all natural parts of any modern company’s toolbox. And they all need to be constantly looked after.

Monitoring or patching a phone should be just as easy as keeping your laptop managed and up-to-date. No matter the device – we’ve got them covered!

upKeeper devices
user driven for real

For the users. By the users.

Our aim is to solve real IT problems to help our users save time and money, and we highly value input from our users and partners. Therefore, we have annual user meetups to constantly improve both our product and our practices.

We’ve had it with overly complicated tools and deployment systems. upKeeper is and will remain a straightforward tool to deploy and manage operating systems and applications fast and effectively. That’s what makes us unique.

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Are You an IT Service Provider?

upKeeper is designed for MSP’s

upKeeper is multitenant, i. e. you can manage and organize multiple companies within the same interface.

Ready to use

The software has off-the-shelf functionality that gets you going immediately. And of course you only pay for what you use.

Perfect for Work PC and mobility solutions

Increase your competitiveness by using upKeeper as your cloud-based work PC platform. upKeeper is the perfect deployment companion for any company’s cloud solution, no matter how many machines and users you’ve got.

Grow your IT business with upKeeper

Join our profitable Partner program. Read more.

...or an IT department?

We’ve got a fast, easy and efficient way to manage your entire armada of devices – tablets, phones and desktops. Our unique approach makes it possible to re-install software in minutes.

Our 5-step guide on
how to pick a deployment solution.

upKeeper Step 1
Think convenience

Choose a software that is easy and quick to get up-and-running. upKeeper can be implemented in less than 2 weeks.

upKeeper step 2
Think independence

You shouldn’t need experts or consultants. upKeeper is so easy to use that end-users themselves can solve many of the IT-related problems. After a short training session admins can manage the entire IT-platform via the easy-to-use upKeeper interface.

upKeeper Step 3
Think freedom

Take care of your users – wherever, however and whatever devices they are using. No user should be tied to a geographic location or specific platform. That is why upKeeper is device- and OS-independent.

upKeeper Step 4
Think here and now

A modification often needs to take effect at once. Newly deployed patches must be implemented instantly, so that users can continue with their work as quickly as possible. That’s why we invented Instant System Management. We’ve even built a self-help portal so that end-users can solve some of their problems themselves and help each other.

upKeeper Step 5
Think future

IT-standards, best practices, and the way we use IT changes all the time. Therefore you need a solution that can keep up with technological changes and updated workflows. upKeeper is built with that in mind.

upKeeper exclemation
This is Smart Client Management

We know that managing a large number of devices within the same organisation can be a challenge. So we don’t want to add to that by making complicated software. It must be easy, fast and effective. That is what we call Smart Client Management.

Calling all IT professionals with too much to do – and too little time!

We’ve solved one of the most tedious, time-consuming yet important tasks for any company – the deployment and management of apps and operating systems.

We call it upKeeper. And it will put time back on your side.

5 steps to Smart Client Management

upKeeper is trusted by thousands of users around the world.

Customer and Partner cases

Tomas Fröjdö, Systems Specialist

PARTNER: Canorama Oy

We have a customer in Finland deploying 2.500 devices. It works very well and I highly recommend any MSP to sell upKeeper.

Read more

Kristofer Karlsson, IT Technician


I think upKeeper’s biggest strength is that it’s easy to use and customizable. Additionally, it’s very responsive.

Read more

Mikael Jenerberg, CIO

Ekonomipartner Mitt-Nord

With an ROI of 6 months, we've saved both time and money with upKeeper. Now client management is much more efficient.

Read more

Are you an MSP?
Join our Partner Program

Are we the perfect match? If you are an MSP looking for a product that can help your customers manage the everyday responsibility of running a secure and updated IT platform we’ve already got the entire blueprint ready for you. From training and certification to sales material and rock solid support.