Happy holidays from us here at upKeeper

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by Team upKeeper13th Dec, 2019

Another year is coming to an end and once more we here at upKeeper feel thankful to have had the pleasure to meet and work with many inspiring people. We’d like to wish you all happy holidays from us here at upKeeper.

Thank you for another awesome year

During 2019 we were able to increase the number of events and meetings. This in turn made for so many more personal encounters and further possibilities to get feedback for improving our product.

We’re continuously improving integration of upKeeper with other systems. It is fascinating and rewarding to witness how more and more customers use what we’ve built to integrate their own systems with upKeeper. During 2020, we will continue to develop upKeeper and make our product even more attractive to our existing and future customers.

What’s in store for upKeeper in 2020?

The year kicks off with several training sessions and events:

  • Application packaging trainings in January and February, Stockholm
  • HOUSE 2020 in February, Luleå and Umeå
  • PowerShell automation training in March, Stockholm

Read more about all of them in the events section on our website!

No watered-down Christmas…

We’re honoring our tradition of not spending money on Christmas presents to our employees or customers. Instead, we do what we can to support a good cause. The choice fell again on WaterAid, which is an international organization working to transform people’s lives. By improving access to clean water, toilets and hygiene in the world’s poorest communities, they make a difference and we feel honored to be a part of that.
Together we make things happen. With this donation WaterAid can now drill wells, install water systems, build toilets and help people demand their rights.

Happy holidays from us here at upKeeperHappy holidays from us here at upKeeper!

All of us here at upKeeper wish you happy holidays, a peaceful end of the year and energy and inspiration at the start of 2020!