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Our webinars are the perfect way to keep up with new features and fixes. Now and again we also run webinars for complete beginners and people with a more general interest. Our webinars cost nothing. Simply sign up when the next webinar is announced!

During the next live webinar we will go through release notes from upKeeper 4.2. More info coming soon!

Featured recorded Webinar

This is upKeeper 4 – SWE ONLY

This Webinar is a recording of the live broadcasted official release of upKeeper 4. 1 from the 17th of March. If you’d rather watch it on Youtube you’ll find it here. Note, it’s in Swedish only. If you’d like a demo in English – click here.

BROADCASTED 17-05-12, 39 min
Live seminar: upKeeper 4 has arrived!
Peter Johansson

Text about the seminar. Something aobut that this was the birth of upKeeper 4 and that the seminar covers new features etc.


BROADCASTED 17-05-12, 38 min
Live seminar: Windows 10 - the last OS?
Roger Fors

Text about the seminar. Something about the seminar that Roger Fors held during upKeeper Open 2017. Listen to bla bla bla and learn about.