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Our webinars are the perfect way to keep up with new features and fixes. Now and again we also run webinars for complete beginners and people with a more general interest. Our webinars cost nothing. Simply sign up when the next webinar is announced!

    Featured recorded Webinar

    This is upKeeper 4 – SWE ONLY

    This Webinar is a recording of the live broadcasted official release of upKeeper 4. 1. If you’d rather watch it on Youtube you’ll find it here. Note, it’s in Swedish only. If you’d like a demo in English – click here.

    WEBINAR - 17th of March
    [SWE only]
    VIDEO Welcome to upKeeper 4!
    BROADCASTED 17-05-12, 39 min
    Live seminar: upKeeper 4 has arrived!
    Peter Johansson

    Witness the birth of upKeeper 4! Get a glimpse of the new cleaner look and faster performance in this seminar presented by our CEO, Peter Johansson.


    BROADCASTED 17-05-12, 38 min
    Live seminar: Windows 10 - the last OS?
    Roger Fors

    Windows 10 – the last operating system? Roger Fors held a seminar about Microsoft’s last operating system during upKeeper Open 2017.